For almost 70 years ZENDA SMART has offered a full range of products for the year-round maintenance of highways and roads.





Thanks to close cooperation with customers ZENDA SMART has constantly improved its products and offers long-lasting and economical solutions adapted to constantly changing requirements.

A constantly growing, world-wide dealer network is a guarantee for responsive and high-quality customer service, assuring a long-lasting and efficient product at all times





Sweepers fitted with proven technology and complying with the highest environmental standards they guarantee cost-effective road maintenance.

Based on innovative and reliable technology a wide variety of options is offered to suit all possible customer requirements.




ZENDA SMART has a rich history of almost 70 years of activity and became a ‘Global Player’ thanks to its continuous expansion. 

Our worldwide sales organization with partners, distributors and dealers are our commitment for a close and optimized relationship with our customers.


Danish Engineered

Decade-long experience in the fields of research and development of technologically high sophisticated vehicles and equipment allows us to offer customer-based solutions to satisfy any requirement.



Long-time partnerships and customer relations enables us to foresee and realize new customer requirements. The observation of market trends and the evolution of new technologies and the implementation of future-orientated ideas are part of our strategy, as well as to further develop and improve existing products.



Eco-friendly products are a top priority of ZENDA SMART. The implementation of the newest technologies and a far-sighted, environmentally conscious vision for the purchase and processing of components are part of our standards.